HOT CONTENT: Bitmoji is on

We know that sometimes it’s hard to express yourself with words only. But thanks to our new update, you can now show your true self as from now on you can send your own avatar on!

Yes we’re talking about Bitmoji and you know that a Bitmoji can speak better than a whole long sentence.

Whether you’re making your first move in a chat, say ‘sorry’ for a bad joke, or laugh out loud during a conversation – your very personal Bitmoji can express each and every attitude you have towards anything!

It has so many alternatives that you can even maintain a whole conversation by only using your animated avatar.

So how does Bitmoji work on

First of all, you need to have Snapchat and Bitmoji downloaded on your device.

The other steps are very simple:

  • Open any chat window on,
  • Click on the green Bitmoji icon next to Chat bar,
  • Confirm that you’d like to link and Snapchat
  • Start chatting with your Bitmoji!

Even if you’re out of creative ideas to use during chat, let your Bitmoji do the work!

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