New Feature: XoXo 💋

XoXo 💋

It happens to the best of us: You start chatting with your friend and out of sudden the very enjoyable conversation turns to become an aggressive diss!

You say something without emojis or maybe the other side of the chat just gets lost in the translation and at some point you start to misunderstand each other. This is a very common phenomenon, because in chat, you can’t get to see each other’s expressions or hear the tone of each other’s words. So how can you express your feelings as you are messaging?

The super fresh feature launches, answers this question! From now on, you can send a virtual kiss to the Anons or friends you are messaging with, by only just kissing the screen! That’s right! If the convo goes terribly wrong and you’re trying to fix the problem, or when you liked someone so much that you just want to kiss them, well you can kiss their Chat screen and voila! You’ve just kissed them virtually!

So go on, open the chat window!

Kiss the middle of the screen💋(Dont lick the screen of course just a good touch of the lips!)

And you just sent a kiss to the person you’re messaging with.

Now try it yourself and send love across the oceans!

Xoxo💋 Crew

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