Types of Blocking

Chat ban- When you block a user who you do not want to talk, he cannot send you a message anymore bu he can continue to use the application.

Device ban- If you get a message which says you are blocked it means your device is blocked. The devices used by inappropriate users are blocked.

Ip ban- Accounts which send spam messages are automatically blocked by the system.

Account ban- When your device or your account is blocked even if your device block is cancelled your account will not activated. The time period your device remain blocked is   written on the screen. If it is not written, this means your are blocked endlessly. However, Ip ban is automatically cancelled after a while.

Who are blocked?

  • Username – Intentionally using misleading, swearword, insulting and provocative, inappropriate usernames is not allowed and they are blocked if it is necessary.
  • Inappropriate Biograpyhy – In the field of biography that you have in your account, you are blocked because of profanity, sexual content, hate speech, threatining incitement and insult. Inappropriate accounts when detected and complained by other users the account automatically is blocked. Also, in the field of biography sharing of phone number and commercial content is forbidden.
  • Inappropriate profile Picture- The users are blocked in two ways due to profile photos. The system automatically blocked when detect inapproriate profile photos or the the accounts are blocked if others users complain due to profile photos. If your account is once blocked, since the system detected your profile photo you should change the Picture when your account is activated otherwise, again your account is automatically blocked. Also, the profile photos having pornographic, violent, sexual, nudity or drup content are blocked.
  • Disturbing – Users who insist and constantly disturb certain people and who send unsolicited messages to other users are blocked. If a user complains by clicking on the “complain” button that the user thinks is inappropriate, both the account and the device of the user who receives a certain number of complaints will be blocked. Users can block users who do not want to receive messages. So the other party can not send another message but can continue to use the application.
  • Spam Messages – If any user sends the same message in the form of spam, the system will automatically block the user’s ip.
  • Threats that put the user or users in danger – If someone threatens or acts on one or some other user in or out of, the person making the action is blocked.
  • Fake Accounts – Accounts that are believed to be counterfeited are blocked. When the account inconvenience is determined, the device is blocked.
  • Publishing users’ personal information without the consent of the person – Preventing the use of the application by users who unauthorized the personal information of any user.


The users who do not believe that their blockage violates the above rules, they can email for the account review by support team.

If you have user blocking while mailing, specify the appeal code in the mail.

No return will be made for the users who have inappropriate accounts due to returned due to  density.

No return will be made to the objections made from the application stores or social media.

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