It Is Scientifically Proven That Sharing Story Increases the Serotonin Hormone


Scientific research has proven that people are more inclined to entertain and entertain when they start to mess their heads. This research has also found an answer to the question “How is C2M, which confuses everyone’s mind, share a total of 643,659 stories in 1 month?”

Because people begin to feel happier when they share a story on C2M. Well, how is this happening?

C2M is an entertainment and messaging platform that has millions of user and link people disinterestedly.  And indeed it is possible to see here the most interesting, imaginative, funniest profiles in the world, and you are sure to realize that too.

Undoubtfully, We are proud of our users who make us so different, and who make us unique!

As well as C2M users like messaging  anonymously, the fun of sharing a story on C2M is totally different!

While anonymous messaging on C2M, nobody knows you, they do not know who you are, maybe you are the most mysterious person on earth. Nobody knows who you are unless you want to! So even when you get an anonymous message while you’re hanging on C2M, the head starts to mix up slowly.

You message your best friend, but s/he does not know who you are, you do your gossip with your ex, but he does not know you’re talking to you. Everyone is wondering who they are, but impossible will never find you. You’re sharing a story, people review the tiniest detail in the story, trying to get a clue out of everything, but no one can find you unless you want it … Heads are mixed up, it is still in your hands to say whether it is! Is not that the most enjoyable part of the job? You have spoken for six months in the anonymous messaging practice, but there is someone who can not find who you are, and just when you share a story at the time, they say, “Oh, okay, that’s it!” You’ve got the heads mixed up.

The best part about this is that if you want to do it right now, you can do it right now. Because at C2M, nobody knows who you are without asking, and you can do what you want when you want. That’s why, anonymous messaging lets you get to the top of your fun, storytelling! Perhaps this is the reason why 643,659 stories are shared in this month, 2,139,919 is the excitement, curiosity,

If you are curious or want to have a lot of fun, I left the link here;

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  1. Mobilya says:

    An amazing. Thank you


    1. Ludovica says:

      A pizza solo pizza pizzaaa


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