6 Things to do on Tuesday After a Terrible Monday

Sometimes we feel bad and moody on Monday. But do not be afraid this is very natural. Who can say I Love Mondays?

Each day we are given a glory to live our lives in the happiest way.

And then what happened? When we get through today unhappy because of Monday syndrome, all is not lost! Tuesday is your second chance at a great start.

So, here connected2.me prepared 6 things to do on Tuesday to make you energetic and present to you a happy week!

1. Get up early


To lead a happy and peaceful life, always you should plant the seeds before a happy day as we do our whole life. For instance, going to bed a bit earlier on Monday is a good way of plant the seeds for tuesday by going to bed a bit earlier, but regardless, a great Tuesday starts early. Set the tone by getting up and enjoying a small slice of time for yourself before diving into the day’s events. Be the first person up in your house; early on the road; early in the office.

You overslept or forgot something important. You didn’t make the progress you’d hoped for. All is not lost, however! Tuesday is your second chance at a great start. So, here are 10 things to do on Tuesday to get your groove back and salvage a productive week.

2. Get some exercise

shutterstock_98119625.jpgIn the long term, your fitness depends in part on getting enough exercise, but we’re more concerned with a short term benefit here. Even a very brief workout just seven minutes or so is proven to increase endorphins hormones and make you happier than Monday.

3. Have Breakfast


As everybody know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Doctors say skipping breakfast reduces your ability to concentrate later in the day. To do it right and quickly, make sure to include two to three foods including a bread.

4. Pick up one thing from Monday


The first three items on this list are prominent, but we come to office, you should do whatever . The smartest move is often to break off a small piece of what you intended to do on Monday and accomplish it. Achieving a small, fast victory can create momentum

5. Say no to something


This can be a hard one, but Tuesday requires triage. You need to be able to cut things from your schedule that are hurting your productivity, and you need to be able to turn down requests to take on new plans while you’re still trying to get through your goals for yesterday.

6. Plan for the weekend


Have a more productive week by planning for the weekend? However, don’t spend two hours trying to research events or coordinate a elaborative plans, but instead make general plans and work backward. Think about what you will have to accomplish to feel as though you’re ready to enjoy the weekend. Doing so reminds you that you have only four more traditional productive workdays left in the week and encourages you to use them well.

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  1. beth says:

    Enjoyed this post, thanks for the tips xx


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