5 Reasons Why Smart Girls Stay Single

Their Top Priority Is Not Being Someone’s Girlfriend Or Wife

They might be attending far more important things in life. Their only aim in life is not to be someone’s girlfriend or wife but you want to build your own empire. You are career oriented and driven by your passions.


Not easy to impress

Give these girls flowers, gifts but they won’t easily fall for it. Again, they are smart! They know men and their dirty little tricks. They’re not easy!


They are contented with their life

They are single not because they can’t find a man, but because they don’t need a man. They have a great family and awesome friends. What else could they wish for? They would rather remain single until the right man for her comes for her.


Intelligence makes them insecure

There has been some interesting research about how men like the idea of smart women but prefer dating those who are not as smart as they are. The reason is this: they might not be able to compete with you.



They’ve Figured Out It’s Better To Be Single Than In a Bad Relationship

Smart women don’t make excuses for an unhealthy relationship, we just end it. In fact, they probably don’t even get into it in the first place because we can see the red flags a mile away and they aren’t likely to ignore them.


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