7 Things To Do in Autumn

Buy a cosy soft slippers

Cold feet in the morning is such a bummer, so get yourself some adorable slippers to make waking up way more joyful. You will feel more peaceful and calm when you wear these slippers in the mornings.


Make your bed cozy

Brand new bedding is one of life’s true pleasures, and especially when it starts to get cooler at night. Pile your bed up with thick duvets, soft blankets, and soft sheets. I adore flannel sheets for the ultimate in comfort, but beware: you may never get out of bed!


Have a sleepover with your best friend

There’s nothing better than lying in bed beside your favourite person and cackling all night. Go and get some adorable pyjamas, stock up on sweet snacks, watch silly movies, and have a singalong.


Take photos of the fall foliage

The very edges of the leaves are just beginning to turn yellow in streets, a beautiful visual reminder that the seasons are changing. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, appreciate the splendor, and take pictures.


Plan your goals for the rest of the year

It might be October, but there are still three months left in the year, and there is plenty you can achieve in that time! It’s never too late to get started with a big project.


Start saving for a holiday next year

I don’t know about you, but the cold weather always inspires me to start fantasising about warm places I could go! Do a little research, and then start to squirrel your money away.




Watch American Horror Story

Really, it’s the perfect show to watch when it’s cold outside. Snuggle up with someone you like, make a bowl of popcorn, and scare the hell out of yourselves! All three seasons are great, and season four is just about to start!


Refresh your playlist

Put together some of your favourite songs for listening to while crunching leaves underfoot, sipping hot chocolate, and snuggling into a big cardigan.



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