How to Anonymise Everything You Do Online (6 Tips)


No need to be a secret agent or a unexperienced hacker to care about anonymity anymore. Even ordinary, innocent people like you and I have plenty of good reasons to care about the privacy and security of our online activity. As we already know, everything we do on the web will be logged, analysed, and used for things outside of our control. In a lot of ways, it’s already happening. However, that’s not to say there’s nothing you can do about it.

1.The best thing you can do to stay anonymous online is to hide your IP address. This is the easiest way to trace your online activity back to you. If someone knows your IP address, they can easily determine the geographic location of the server that hosts that address and get a rough idea of where you’re located.

2.On the other hand, anonymous file transfers and sharing getting files from the Internet is easy, but the sender has access to your IP address when you download files. In the case of illegal tools, there are thousands of different peers that can see your IP address at any given moment, which means downloading is one of the least anonymous things you can do on the Web. However, if done correctly, it is possible to download and share files while keeping your IP address and identity concealed.

3. Moreover, don’t install or use normal productivity software, like word processors or spreadsheets. They, too, will often “dial home” each time they’re started and reveal information.

4. Most importantly, you’ll need a different email address, password, password question answers, and identity information for each website if you take the risk of creating logon accounts. This particular solution is not only for privacy nuts and should already be practiced by everyone already.

5. Another important aspect, If you plan to buy anything on the Internet, you can’t use a normal credit card and stay anonymous. You can try to use online money transfer services. You’ll need a bank or service to convert your real money into one of these alternative forms but once you’re using the currency, buying anonymity is easier to maintain.

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