10 Ways To Make Your Summer Unforgettable



If possible, travel by plane at least once so that you can experience the wonderful feeling of watching the city below you grow smaller and smaller as you soar up into the clouds. If you can’t, gather up some of your friends and take a fun road trip. Either way, try to visit another state or even another country because sometimes a temporary change of scenery is just what you need.


2. Go on day trips

If you live near a beach, lake, or river, that would be the perfect place to spend a beautiful summer day. If not, try finding a nearby city that has fun places to go or even just take a shopping trip. Go somewhere you don’t go every day and do something you don’t do everyday, and it will add so much excitement to your summer.


3. Find a fun summer job

If you can, try something new, such as working at an amusement park or even a summer camp. This way, you can make some money while having fun and meeting new people in the process.


4.Host an Outdoor Costume Party

Costume parties are so much fun.  Most of the time we are limited to wearing costumes just for Halloween. Invite a bunch of your family and friends to a Luau Party,  a pirate party,  a princess party, a superhero party or plan your own costume themed party. Along with being able to wear a costume, you will be able to enjoy fresh air and games and some party-themed food too.


5.Learn something completely new

One way to make a summer truly memorable is to make it the summer that you finally learned how to do something you’ve always wanted to try. For instance, where you get to learn about all aspects of the film-making process. If you get to make something tangible – whether that’s a short film or a long knitted scarf – so much the better to give you a wonderful souvenir of a summer well spent.


6. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

The world’s a big place and now is the time to start seeing more of it! That might mean taking the chance to explore your local area and visit the places you’d usually ignore, it might involve a long-haul flight or two, or it might fall somewhere between those options.


7.Learn something really useful

It might be first aid. It might be how to repaint a room. It might be how to write a flawless essay. But learning something really useful this summer that you’ll remember for the rest of your life is a foolproof way to make this summer one you’ll remember in the same way. Whether you learn it through an organized programme or through your own trial and error, it’s also valuable to take charge of your own education if you’re feeling worn down by schoolwork.


8. Fill every minute

After end-of-year exams, you’ll feel like you want to flop on a sofa and do nothing for the rest of the summer. But relaxation turns into boredom remarkably quickly. Imagine looking back on this summer a few years or decades from now, and reminiscing about all those long hours spent on social media or Netflix marathons. It doesn’t sound plausible, does it? For a memorable summer, keep yourself busy.


9. Go Camping

In the quietness of nature, you can clear your mind. Camping exhibits the simplicity of life and all the beauty around us, that so often we take for granted. Waking up to the morning light with the sound of birds and other wildlife starts the day off at a relaxed pace. Spending hours outdoors with the ones you love will bring you lifetime memories.


10. Make new friends

If you’ve been at the same school for a while, chances are you haven’t needed to make any new friends in a while either. While that’s a good position to be in, sharing your summer experiences with new friends will make them even more special – what if this is the summer where you meet the people who’ll be there for you for the rest of your life? Meeting new people and making new friends can help you explore your own personality too; they might bring out strengths in you that you never knew you had. How to do it? Of course via Connected2.me, it is the fastest way to meet new people. Why you’re waiting?


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