10 Golden Rules to Start Relationship With Someone You Meet On The Internet

1) Being cool is the first rule because you cannot fall in love with someone you don’t admire yourself. Besides, you need to fix to be cool, neither be so impassive nor be so pert.

2) Trust Yourself. You may not be very handsome or beautiful but it is important to be at peace with yourself.

3) Do not directly say “ I love you, I fall in love with you like crazy, I die without you “. Instead of these, you can say how beautiful/ handsome s/he is in photos, how nice film and music taste s/he has. In brief, you don’t go into way that cannot be reversed 🙂

4) Flirting is one of the most important key. First, you specify address form. You can prefer a film or tv serials character that s/he love for address form or you can choose term of affection like honey. Afterwards, you can bring him/her closer by complimenting cleverly.

5) Do not put yourself in a ridiculous situation. You don’t forget that you can lose the charisma if you do something extraordinary.

6) Try not to mistype because someone give an extreme importance to writing rule and grammar. Also, sometimes a forgotten letter can change the meaning of the sentence.

7) Do not send message regularly, make her/him send you a message too. You don’t write overtime you see her/him is online. You show her/him that you have a life without her/him.

8) Do not tell about yourself to him/her all the time. Of course you can say what you do but you shouldn’t speak during the conservation. You should wait for him/her ask you a question even encourage to do it.

9) Show him/her how to be perfect couple. You can prove her/him that you were made for each other and you can make feel being compatible.

10) And… When it is time, invite her/him to go out!

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